The atypical journey of Laurie and Christophe Claret,

an atypical couple who have a rich and complementary experience to share 

Originally, even if one could say that they both come from « Lille"/"L'île (island in French), nothing could have predicted their meeting. Laurie is from Lille in the north of France and Christophe is from the island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean.


During their childhood and teenage years, Laurie and Christophe both evolve in an atmosphere and a family context especially difficult and trying for different reasons. 
Laurie grows up in a blended family where she experiences physical and psychological violence with extreme academic, athletic and artistic demands. Christophe, on the other hand, experiences successive deaths of essential persons in his life that he loses in a brutal way, including a death by suicide.

Very early in their lives, they wonder about the meaning of life and the challenges they already face. 


In spite of a painful and toxic context, each of them cling on in their own way: they succeed brilliantly in their schooling and advanced studies with a lot of determination and hard work in the field of business: Laurie obtains a Master's degree in Management Sciences at university, Christophe a Master's degree in Audit and Management Control at business school.  

From the beginning of their professional career, they experience the challenges of the corporate world by joining large international groups: Laurie started at Decathlon International in Lille, Christophe started at EY in Paris (3rd largest audit and consulting firm in the world). 

While they quickly evolved through positions of great responsibility and high demands (stress and intense workloads), their questioning about the meaning of life only increased: what is the purpose of all this? This call for more meaning pushes them respectively to undertake a personal development process.


They then have the chance to meet inspiring people who will change their lives. Laurie meets Pascale and Marc Polizzi, founders of the Ethérapie™️ approach. Christophe, on his side, meets René Naccachian, creator of the Method Acmos™️.  


Thanks to these encounters, Laurie and Christophe finally find the answers to their questions and deepen their respective personal development work. Laurie continues her therapeutic process and trains herself in the Etherapie™️ approach, all with Pascale & Marc Polizzi themselves. Christophe, for his part, measures the impact and benefits of Acmos™️ energy treatments on himself and then trains in the Acmos™️ Method with René Naccachian himself, whose "spiritual" successor he will become.


It is then that they decide to change careers in the field of well-being, stress management, and therapeutic support respectively. Laurie launches her activity as an Etherapist based on the Ethérapie™️ approach. Christophe, on the other hand, launches his activity as a Bioenergetician with the Acmos™️ Method. He become an international trainer of the method and creates his company OPS FORMATION with which he designes the international e-learning platform Acmos™️, allowing everyone to train anywhere in the world.


It is during a visit to a well-being exhibition in Paris, that Laurie meets "by chance" ;) Christophe who runs the Acmos™️ stand and introduces Laurie to the Lecher Antenna. Immediately, there is a resonance ... the personal & professional love story begins. Each of them then trains in the other's approach, the two approaches being very complementary.


Today, Laurie and Christophe have found happiness, they are married and live in Aix-En-Provence.

Thanks to their experience, they offer individual coaching sessions as well as tailor-made trainings that combine the two approaches-movements: Acmos™️ and Etherapie™️.