The atypical journey of Laurie

In short : 
Dancer, Business Entrepreneur in the US
ETHERAPIE™, ACMOS Method™, Access Bars  certified 
I am now Transpersonal Approach Therapist

My initiatory journey started from childhood:

Agile like a cat
From 3 to 14 years-old, I am a dancer and athlete: ballet, gymnastics, judo, with more than 10 hours of training per week, I juggle between two places of residence that I try to call “homes”, my parents being separated; and I follow mainstream schooling. It pushes me to develop important organizational skills at a very early age as well as relational and contextual agility.

The dancer and the business
At the age of 14, I become a semi-professional dancer and model; I begin flying from castings, photo shoots, to runway rehearsals, dance cie rehearsals and shows while pursuing science in high school. I then evolve within personal and professional environments in which performance requirement and perfectionism are pushed to extreme, even to elitism.

Flight towards corporate world
As my parents firmly opposed to an artistic career choice for me, I have no other choice than putting aside the dancing world. I manage to escape from becoming a telecommunications engineer as I was initially fated to by negotiating a College course related to the operational world of business. Taking advantage of what was initially only a part-time student contract in parallel with my 2-years degree in Business and Administration Management, I successfully graduate from my Master's degree in Management Sciences and start my corporate career within Decathlon International. Follows an exciting and intense journey, between product marketing missions, on and off-site event management, C-level executive and personal assistance, purchasing, product development, collections management, operations management,... for international companies such as Club Med, Redcats (Vertbaudet brand), BNP Paribas,... During this time, I utilize my organizational, team, process development, budget as well as communication and product enhancement management skills.

And the meaning then?
A question always keep coming back at me ... how to keep my energy, how to find inner resource? Often on the edge of burning out I am looking for solutions to feel better.
I then begin yoga, try several types of therapy with so little effect, ..... Then I finally discover an approach that takes into account my out of the ordinary sensitivity: ETHERAPIE™.
And finally, meaning and first explanations are given to me, especially one: I am a HSP, “highly sensitive person”...

The big side split & gap
I begin an inner journey to find my balance. Being only at the premises of the work, and facing many challenges in my personal life, I fly to the United States to be able to devote myself to it. I first live in Miami then New York to then integrate a luxury environment on a project management mission in the world of the very high-end interior design. I then work with the most famous and very well established firms on the market, managing projects such as the Gramercy Park Hotel, Four Seasons hotel, Donald Trump, Gwyneth Paltrow, Valentino residences,.... Ultra-competitive and demanding environment to say the least.
I then also launch with a business partner, an eco-friendly sustainable clothing brand, and thus face the challenges of the entrepreneurship... I then handled 4 jobs at the same time.
The gap inside of me is only widening, between an hectic workload, jet lags linked to the international projects, the time zone differences, my visceral and growing need to find meaning in my life.
On a personal level, I am getting married, experiencing a miscarriage which leads to an abortion & serious blood clog situation, divorce, the death of parents,... I am still trying to feel good. Even feeling slightly better would be more than welcome already.... Eventually thanks to ETHÉRAPIE™ , I finally start to feel and live some « shifts".

I then become even more committed to the therapeutic process of ETHERAPIE™, while keeping on synergistically exploring other therapeutic techniques such as the Eric Morris & Anthony Vincent Bova’s approach through "No Acting Please" whom I join the workshops for 2 years, or Gary Douglas and Dain Heer's ACCESS BARS, STRALA Yoga by Tara Stiles, ....
I then live a time where I experiment the American professional opportunism, between Los Angeles and NY, within international companies such as PwC but also as a freelance with senior executives of the high sphere of finance , lawyers, ....

Thanks to the ETHERAPIE™ therapeutic follow-up, I feel much better ... and I can finally finish this race in Paris, within an international group dedicated to the L'OREAL customer among others and ESTEE LAUDER CIE EUROPE afterwards...
And that’s how I will discover my strength: I am always a big step ahead. As well as I have had actually lived like an initiatory journey.

While returning to France, I decide to pursue ETHERAPIE™ training and to anchor myself to this strength, built up & sharpened by such an experience, by becoming ETHERAPIE™ practitioner and TRANSPERSONAL approach COACH in Stress & High Sentivity Management, in addition to becoming ACMOS Bioenergetic Method™ and ACCESS BARS practitioner, in France and internationally.
I also made the magnificent encounter of the one who would become my husband, partner & "teammate": Christophe.