Etherapie™ by OPS Trainings

Basic Course and complementary trainings

distance learning & Elearning

In addition to one-to-one support, if you wish to go deeper, we offer:


  • The Ethérapie™ Basic Course training:

A cycle of 4 weekends from September to December to train in the basic tools of Ethérapie™ and thus be able to help other HSPs (Highly Sensitive Person) and atypical profiles on a personal and/or professional basis.


  • Complementary training courses on cross-cutting themes to develop your toolbox and self-knowledge, from January to June each year.  

Complementary courses are offered on demand and can be taken without having previously completed the Basic Course.


Here is a list of additional courses that we can offer according to your needs: 

  • GUIDED CONSCIOUS DREAMING (GCD)* : Creating and installing new reference points in the unconscious via the right brain
  • CONSTELLATIONS QUANTIQUES SYSTEMIQUES (CQ)*: Experience and appropriate the quantum method of family constellations, another highly effective systemic tool. 
  • HSP-SHAMAN.E: Potentiate your hypersensoriality and intuition in everyday life
  • WEIGHT LOSS: Free yourself from stress and unconscious blockages linked to weight loss, a multifactorial phenomenon.
  • MONEY: free yourself from unconscious stress, blockages and projections linked to money
  • SUN TZU'S ART OF WAR (YIN STRATEGIES IN CASE OF CONFLICT): Knowing how to position yourself in a conflict context 
  • FEARS: release fundamental fears of death, the unknown, change & irrational fears
  • MUSES / FUTURE: create new things in the future and help others to do the same
  • METHODE PEAT VERSION ETHERAPIE™ : Release the emotional and rediscover inner unity by transcending dualities
  • SEPHIROT TREE OF LIFE: Reharmonize and revitalize your life energy (introduction to Kabbalah concepts)
  • NOEUDS OF LIFE: Knowing how to live life's paradoxes thanks to the symbolism of knots.
  • SEXOLOGY: Liberate taboos, blockages and unconscious stress linked to sexuality
  • PROCRASTINATION: Release unconscious stress to stop procrastinating
  • TIME MANAGEMENT: Improve your time management and project management skills

  • EGO MANAGEMENT: Learn to identify and manage your ego 

  • TRANSPERSONAL: Work on values, principles, needs and self-actualization


* We recommend combining the REA and CQ courses.

** EXPERT course open to those who have taken and practiced the initial course.


Each training is an opportunity to release unconscious stress and move towards greater well-being. It's also an opportunity to help others in your personal and professional environment, whether you're a therapist, coach or not... by making the tools in question your own. 


Prerequisites to follow the 4-weekend basic course and the complementary ETHERAPIE™ courses: 

  • Be in progress or have completed the 4 Stages of Ethérapie™ in individual sessions with an Ethérapeute.
  • Have a biotest whether it's an internal Ethérapie™ version biotest, Lecher's antenna, pendulum, ...

During the courses, you will have the opportunity to study in detail each theme addressed, to work on yourself, in pairs, with the help of the biotest and the decoding grids proposed, and to develop your potentials.


Framework of our training courses : 
We send a reminder email D-1 month before each course.
Registrations close D-15 days before the course:
- to allow registrants time to print out course materials once the course has been confirmed ;
- and to have the time and opportunity to readjust their schedule if the course is cancelled. In fact, the course is maintained as long as there is a sufficient number of registrants to allow work in pairs and group synergy (4 to 8 participants, depending on the theme). In the rare event that a course has to be cancelled, we will, of course, provide a refund.
Registrations are firm and final: no reimbursement will be made if you cancel after D-15.
Courses are limited to 10 or 12 people.
On D-15, as confirmation of the course, registrants receive an email with the zoom link for connection, as well as appendices and printouts.

Supervision with Laurie and Christophe : 

We remain available for any further information you may require. 

Laurie and Christophe Claret 

Ethérapeutes and Ethérapie™ trainers

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