HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) Nature Management Sessions

Living your HSP nature with joy and serenity

with Laurie and/or Christophe Claret



"I have the feel like i'm a sponge, absorbing everything"

"I often feel overwhelmed by emotions"

"I tend to have a restless mind"

"I have the feeling of being like an empty shell"

"I feel different from the group"

"I ask myself many questions"

"I can't find my place"

"I perceive the subtleties of my environment"

"I have a sixth sense"

"I somatize easily"

If you wish, you can have the free HSP tests from Dr. Elaine Aron 

She is an american psychologist and researcher, recognized as one of the pioneers of the HSP nature


We offer you the opportunity to radiate who you are in your own way via the elearning module for the fundamentals and via personalized individual sessions (5 to 10 appointments) to release your stress and develop your full potential.

4 Steps coaching sessions by Zoom

with Laurie and/or Christophe Claret

To help you release your stress in a personalized way, develop your unique full potential, and turn your HSP nature into an asset, we offer you personalized support in 4 stages: 5 to 10 individual 50mn appointments, spaced one month apart. 

This, thanks to the Ethérapie™ approach: an avant-garde, concrete approach adapted to your context, via innovative techniques and tools, and which have proved their worth for over 20 years now.


Here are just a few examples of the themes addressed during our sessions: 

  • Regaining self-confidence and inner security
  • Rediscovering and developing intuition, receptivity and creativity
  • Rediscovering your zest for life 
  • Managing hypersensitivity in a couple's relationship
  • Managing hypersensitivity in the family 
  • Break out of destructive relational patterns 
  • Develop your interpersonal skills as a hypersensitive person
  • Co-create a positive, structuring and exciting future in your own way
  • Make sense of life's challenges
  • Find answers to metaphysical questions
  • ...

Sessions with Laurie and/or Christophe Claret

Sessions if you wish to go further by Zoom

with Laurie and/or Christophe Claret

To deepen beyond the 4 basic steps process, release other stresses and continue to develop your full potential, we offer complementary 50mn personalized coaching sessions, to radiate who you are on your own terms.


Still using the ETHERAPIE™ approach


Here are a few examples of topics covered during the sessions:

🌟 LIFE COACHING: Release the stresses associated with the challenges you face, develop your self-esteem and self-confidence, free yourself from patterns and compensations, learn to position yourself and make meaning of the events you experience

🌟 WEIGHT LOSS: free yourself from unconscious stresses and blockages preventing you from losing weight and/or maintaining your healthy weight - multifactorial phenomena

🌟 MONEY: Free yourself from unconscious stresses, blockages and projections preventing you from living your full Money potential.

🌟 FEARS: free yourself from fundamental fears of death, the unknown and change; from your irrational fears

🌟 FUTURE: Work on your perception of the future to release enthusiasm and co-create the "real" new

🌟 TIME MANAGEMENT: Develop your performance in time and project management

🌟 PROCRASTINATION: Free yourself from unconscious stress to stop procrastinating

🌟 ART OF WAR: Free yourself from stress so you can manage conflict in both professional and personal contexts, thanks to structuring strategies

🌟 QUANTUM & HOLISTIC HARMONIZATION OF THE OUTSIDE TEMPLE: Harmonize your outer (and inner) temple whether it's your home, office, etc.

🌟 GUIDED CONSCIOUS DREAMING (GCD): Create and install new reference points and resources in the unconscious in areas that are currently inaccessible to you; examples: access the joy of living, your femininity, ...

🌟9 GCD PROCESS WITH THE TREE OF LIFE: Yin process to develop your own channel for embodying spiritual energy. 

🌟 FOUNDING MYTH: discover what drives you deeply on a daily basis to regain momentum and enthusiasm

🌟RECONNECTION WITH THE 8th CHAKRA: Yin process to develop your intuition through reconnection with the 8th chakra

🌟 SYSTEMIC QUANTUM CONSTELLATIONS (CQ): Effectively resolve systemic issues with this quantum method of family constellations

🌟 CELTIC QUANTUM TAROT: Position yourself on an issue, decide on an important life choice, by questioning your unconscious for greater fluidity and harmony

🌟 SEXOLOGY: Free yourself from unconscious blocks and stresses linked to sexuality, taboo words, sexual intelligence, notions of commitment, intimacy, the gaze of others... to live a fulfilled and harmonious sexuality 

🌟 KNOTS OF LIFE: Live serenely through paradoxes thanks to the symbolism of the knots of Life

🌟 TRANSPERSONAL: Work on your values, principles, needs and self-realization.

🌟 BIOTEST INITIATION: develop your own symbiotic reflex that will enable you to objectify your feelings and make ecological, positive and structuring choices

🌟 INTUITION: Potentiate your intuition on a daily basis

🌟 PEAT METHOD ETHERAPIE™ version: Release the emotional and rediscover inner unity by transcending dualities

🌟 EGO MANAGEMENT: Learn to spot and manage the Ego.

🌟 Other possible themes ...


I was finally able to put into words what was happening to me. I became aware of my destructive behaviors and the different areas of my life they were impacting, and freed myself from them. For me, there is a BEFORE and an AFTER to this life-changing coaching process. A big THANK YOU.


I can't say enough about the incredible value of this work, which gives you a new level of self-awareness and a sense of inner peace and power in a world that often makes you doubt these very qualities. This method helped me regain my voice and path which, due to circumstances and fear, had been lost for many years. I am so grateful for the guidance, insight and strength this coaching continues to provide.  


Etherapie™ taught me to have confidence in myself. Today, I've rediscovered enthusiasm, happiness, meaning and I'm finally taking on projects that were close to my heart.